If you would like to discuss a commission, project, or just connect, please contact me! I can paint human & animal portraits, renditions of wedding bouquets, murals (just to name a few options!). I paint in watercolor, acrylic & oils. Please don't hesitate to reach out with ideas, I would be delighted to hear from you and can work with you to meet your budget.


I will reply within 24 hours and can have quick turn around for completing work.



Commissions & Pet Portraits:


Berkeley house dat (dog/cat). Relaxed to a level of absurdity, overweight & a bit of a jerk.

5" by 7" oil on panel- May 2018


LA house cat who may be found wearing cloths, enjoys paper bags & has a positive attitude! Sister of Ash.

5" by 7" oil on panel- May 2018


LA house cat with a sensitive tummy requiring that his expensive grass fed beef be microwaved. Brother of Basil.

5" by 7" oil on panel- June 2018

Golden Gate Fields Race Horses - Berkeley CA 

This piece was created to help brighten a windowless office and create a focal point for a large empty space. For an office in Marin County, this rendition of Golden Gate Fields brings a sense of place & personality with a playful exhibit of color and movement. 

48" by 24" acrylic on canvass - April 2018

Galaxy Dreamscape

I was given a rough outline for this: a jacaranda tree, night sky, colors, location of where it would be displayed & the preferred medium, As a gift from a husband to his wife, the painting also has a pair of birds playing in the tree.

18" by 24" watercolor on paper - March 2018

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