I'm a fill time fine artist, Cal grad & Bay Area native located in Berkeley, California.


I have ingrained in me an innate desire to create. I am constantly seeing & imagining paintings & have been creating since I can remember existing. My mother, an artist herself, encouraged me from when I could first move my hands. As a baby she cut out little pieces of paper for me to tape where I chose (my mom likes to remind me my initial preferred medium was tape!). My childhood was spent running around Mt. Tam - climbing trees & observing wildlife. I developed a connection to nature, plants & wild landscapes, now featured in nearly all my compositions. I learned to draw from my grandfather, I would watch him turn little dots & squiggly lines into, forests, dessert scenes, farms all on a napkin with a blue ballpoint pen - it was fascinating! Throughout my adolescence, I took art classes & fell in love with painting for the vibrancy of color & looseness that can be achieved. After high school, I attended UC Berkeley where I took art classes, earned a B.S. in Conservation & Resource Studies & studied urban design as I examined how humans & cities interact with the natural environment.

I recently turned 30, & in my “turning 30 crisis”, I quit my corporate job to devote myself to art full time. Taking this on has not been without its challenges! That said, I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity & life – happily married with a beautiful home, bursting with projects, in Berkeley. Each day of creating & learning my skills are refined & I am excited for the next opportunity for exploration – pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve. I am so very lucky to be living this dream. I hope at the very least my paintings inspire you!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, feedback, or potential projects. I would be delighted to hear from you & thank you for reading!

About the Artist:


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